What is an E-ticket?
It is an electronic ticket which is basically a ticket that you print from your browser window. You will take this ticket to the event where they will validate it against a master list and it will be voided upon the first submission of the ticket. It is important that you do not let anyone copy your ticket. All tickets are for events with general admission and no assigned seats. All tickets are printed from the website or from your email receipt. No tickets will ever be mailed or delivered.

Are credit card purchases over the internet safe?
Absolutely! TicketsSoEasy.com was required to conform to Visa/MasterCard security measures using Secured Socket Layer (SSL) that encrypts all ticket sales information before sending it over the internet.

Are there any additional fees?
NO! The price you see, is the exact price you pay! There is no catch and all of your information used to make the purchase will remain private between you and the event host! The event host will have access to your name, email, phone number and credit card billing address for purchasing purposes.

What credit cards do we accept?
Visa, Mastercard & Discover. We do not accept American Express. Sorry, no checks are accepted.

Complaints or issues?
If there was a problem with the purchasing or printing of the tickets please contact us at webmaster@ticketssoeasy.com. If you could not print the ticket from the browser for some reason, you can use the email version that automatically gets sent to you after you purchase the ticket. If there was a problem with the price or event, you will need to take up your issues with the party hosting the event.

What about refunds?
TicketsSoEasy.com cannot refund your money for events that did occur (were not cancelled). Refunds will have to be taken up with the event host if the event did occur. If the event was cancelled or the date was changed, TicketsSoEasy.com will offer refunds by crediting the amount back to your credit card. No cash will ever be returned.

Will your personal information be used for anything else?
Your data will not be sold or shared outside of TicketsSoEasy.com and the event host. The event host will have access to your name and email address used to purchase tickets. Since TicketsSoEasy.com cannot control the actions of event hosts, we cannot guarantee the privacy of your information on their side.

Ticket Holder's Responsiblities
E-Ticket holders are subject to inspection upon entrance to venue or when money is refunded. Any violation of law while attending this event may result in holder being removed from the premises without refund of any portion of the ticket price or charges. The holder of this ticket voluntarily assumes all risks of property loss and personal injury arising during its use whether prior to, during, or after the event and agrees that TicketsSoEasy.com, the venue, its management and affiliates of the event are not liable under any theory whatsoever. This ticket is non-transferable. Any transfer, attempted transfer, resale, counterfeit, or unauthorized copy is grounds for seizure from and/or cancellation without refund. Tickets obtained from an unauthorized source may be stolen, copied illegally, counterfeit or lost and if so, may be seized and cancelled without compensation. There are no refunds or exchanges. Event dates, times and locations are subject to change.