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Simply put: simple, simple, simple!

Tickets-So-Easy is an extremely easy-to-use, yet very powerful, online ticketing system!

Why ticket purchasers absolutely love it!
Zero maddening add-on fees to ticket purchasers upon checkout
Zero prompts for creating a user account to make the purchase
Zero prompts for a garbage add-on products or mailing lists
No bombardment of banner ads and cross-selling advertisements
The fastest checkout process available
No hidden agendas, just grass-roots simplicity and good service

Why ticket sellers absolutely love it!
Amazing prices to sell tickets online to any type of event or fundraiser
Instantly creates a web-page for your event, or compliments your own
Ridiculously easy-to-use administration system
Powerful features such as promo codes, password protected tickets, etc.
Have your own private domain such as
No hidden agendas, just grass-roots simplicity and good service
Because someone actually picks up the phone for support!

How much does it cost to use

Rates are negotiable for high volumes, but our rate is:
$0.75 per ticket + 4.00% of the total ticket price to cover credit card fees.

Build in fees into your ticket price! For example, you could charge $16.50 for a $15 ticket:

$15 x 4% = $0.60, plus $0.75 per ticket fee = $1.35 total fees
Add $1.35 + $15 to get $16.35 as your total price to net your $15, or you can round up.

So, at the rounded up $16.50 price, this would result in $15.09 back on your originally priced $15 ticket. You may choose to add your own additional "service charges" to the price of your tickets.

  • You can access a sales report to track ticket sales at any time from any browser. [View Example]
  • Before the event, simply print a check-list of ticket sales which will be used at your event entrance. [View Example]
  • Consumers information will remain private! No information given by ticket purchasers will be sold, or used, by any outside services.
  • Sales revenue checks are mailed to you 3 business days after the ticket sales ending date.
  • You can add different types of tickets such as member and non-member, or single and couple tickets.
  • Consumers can purchase tickets in just two quick and easy steps without having to fill out a bunch of personal information.
  • Whether you are selling 10,000 tickets or just 10, can cater to any size of event!
  • Ticket Sales Terms For Consumers
  • Ticket Seller Terms & Information
Prices are subject to change.
What is the process to get started?
1. Click here to sign up as a user
2. Add your event and all of its details and times
3. Add one or more ticket-types
4. If you want to use promotion codes, or make certain items password protected, you can optionally add those to each ticket type
5. Give your customers your customized and direct website link so they can buy tickets
6. Customers buy tickets online
7. We mail or direct deposit your check for the total ticket sales three business days after the event has taken place. This gives us a few days to see if any customers dispute the charge on their credit card from Tickets-So-Easy.

What if my event already has a website?
If you have a website already then great, but if you don't, then you don't need one because Tickets-So-Easy can now become your event's website! Tickets-So-Easy is a tool that is designed to work stand-alone or along with your existing website.
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy Ticket Seller and Ticket Purchaser information will remain PRIVATE between the event host and the ticket purchaser and your information WILL NOT be sold or shared by

What will use your information for:
- Contacting you about important updates only on events for which you have purchased tickets
- Contacting you if there was an error or problem with your information or purchase
- Requesting feedback from our users regarding this website
Optional Publically Displayed Information:
You may ELECT to display your event to the public.  Information in your event profile will be displayed to the public for the purpose of the public reviewing details about your event(s) and for them to contact you directly. is an information management application and contains many functions for storing a variety of your information.  All private data such as your ticket sales or ticket purchaser's information WILL NOT be displayed to the public and WILL NOT be shared by

The standard user information entered when you join or purhcase a ticket, is not displayed or available to the public. This information record is for you to be able to use the ticket sales services.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, you can contact us at

Refund Policy
Privacy Policy E-Ticket Sales
Promotors, owners, and event coordinators can sell online tickets to their events via and they should have their own refund policy posted in the details of each event. is not liable for any portion of the event, or for any customer satisfaction or completion of the actual event. is simply a purchasing channel for events to sell tickets online. All refunds will need to be directed to the event contact person as listed on each event profile. Charges will appear as being from on your credit card statement. Please DO NOT DISPUTE charges from on your credit card, instead you must contact the event host directly to resolve the issue. If the host is not responsive, you can contact or call (704)491-1213.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our refund policy, you may contact us at, or calling (704) 491-1213.